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5 Partner Exercises for Zumba CST!

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 7, 2016 11:57:01 PM / by Diana Zalaquett

Diana Zalaquett

Zumba  Circuit Strength training just got 10x better with a partner!

Have you ever felt the need to find a workout partner or feel a tad bit more motivated when you have someone there to tell you that you can do it?  Did you know that working out with a partner or best friend can lead to a healthy, long lasting relationship? 

Well, it's all true. Having a friend or partner that will support your fitness endeavors will bond and be a part of your team.  Are you ready to find a partner in class and make your teammate rock the dancefloor?

Then check out some of these partner exercises that I am sure you will want to do over and over again! 


  • 1.  The Partner Push-up


image from: http://man.bodyandsoul.com.au/

Bring your chest all the way down to the ground and give you partner a low five. Perform 4 sets of 8. 

  • 2.  Med Ball Rotations 


  • 3.  Med Ball Throws 


You can really target your core while youwork with your partner.  You can toss it to your partner while he or she is down with legs up. Your partner will engage their abes and give it their all to pass that ball back. 

  • 4.  Med ball Squat to toss


With this med ball toss, throw over you head and make sure you squat down before you throw!

These med ball throws and really work your upper body and core


  • 5. Med-ball sit-ups


In a sit-up position perform a sit up with your partner and pass each other the ball. You will really engage that core as you come up to pass on that med-ball.  


Now, go find a partner and try it out!


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Diana Zalaquett

Written by Diana Zalaquett

Diana is a certified Zumba Instructor, an avid fitness enthusiast.