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How to pick the right shoe for Zumba and Circuit Strength Training

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Diana Zalaquett

Let's face it, how many of us have struggled trying to pick the right fitness shoes? Throughout this post, I'll show you how to pick the right fitness shoe for Zumba and circuit strength training.

I struggle with how to pick the right shoe for Zumba and circuit strength training or any kind of group fitness class so I thought I'd share with you a couple of musts before I purchase a couple of sneaks. Here's how to pick the right fitness shoe for Zumba and circuit strength training:

You can also give me your personal favorites in the comment box below!

1. Think about the sole (and your precious knees):

Think about a shoe that will provide you with a mid-sole, clear cut, and a textile lining that you need for Zumba and circuit strenght training. Think about a shoe that has a dual impact mid-sole that will allow for cushioning in the front and heel. These features protect against any impact to the rear or front of your sneaker. They also keep pressure off of your knees. With these shoes you will be ready forZumba and circuit strength training in no time!




The Puma Women’s Janine Dance is one of the best shoes for zumba. It is thin with a low profile design and without the extra bulk. The Janine also has rubber soles with grip sections.

Here's another great tip on how to pick the right shoe for Zumba and circuit strenght training: The grip sections squeeze the floor when lunging or landing from a jump. It also features a pivot point.



pivot point is a must for dance shoes. It allows for turning suddenly to keep up with dance moves.

Who Benefits and Why?

This shoe can benefit people who might feel sore ankles or knees post-class.  Sometimes your footwear can cause too much friction or grip to the floor and leave you feeling sore.

When you wear a shoe that has pivot points, problem solved! The special feature that this shoe provides is that it has a think sole under the ball of your foot and this helps mostly because the ball of your foot has no grip.

They are comfortable! 

This shoe is not only perfect for walking, it is also very light and does not weigh you down when you try to jump up and down. 


Ortholitecreates the insoles to these shoes. The good thing about these is their ability to keep any moisture far from your feet. The three layers of insoles allow for air to fit through the layers keeping your footwear odor free.

Support and Flexibilty

Becuase this shoe does not have much arch-support, these shoes feel very flexible and light on your feet. The soles are also think and flat, so if you are looking for arch support this might not be your best bet.  


2. Think about the support that your ankles and knees are looking for 



Who will find these beneficial?

The RYKA Women’s Influence is one of the best shoes for high impact aerobic exercise.  The reason why this sneaker is so good is because of its lateral and arch support.

Comfort and freshness factor

The shoe includes a cushioning insole that keeps feet feeling comfortable and to stay fresh the shoe includes a mesh and synthetic upper for breathability and comfort

They provide flexibility!

Always look for medial support. This is what will prevent your ankles and feet from rolling (which I do all the time) The dual foam midsole and cushioning in strategcic pressure points is key.  Take a look at  Runners World,  to learn more about medial support.

They support lateral movements

The RYKA Influence Shoe provides a lightweight feel. The layers in the material used to create these provides you the support you are looking for. 

3.  Are you using your shoes to dance and cross-train simultaneously?



If you are taking a dance class but trying Tabata or a strength training class prior, you might be better off with the UR Lead . This sneaker can be used for any exercise class, specifically one that will require being quick and fast on your feet.  What makes this one of the best zumba shoes is the spin point in the outsole because with it you  have the best control when making a turn.

Who will find these beneficial?

These sneakers are a good option for anyone who might feel hurt or stressed feet after doing a dance routine. They provide feet with overall support. The great thing about this shoe is that is also comes in many different colors, so you can mixnmatch 24/7!


The 3D Ultralite and EVA sockliner add cushioning that provides comfort. These features also protects your feet.


The UR Lead is created with vertical and horizontal flex grooves that support the variety of movements performed in Zumba.


This sneakers are designed with a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays.


The 3D FuseFramebine makes this pair of footwear lightweight and provides your feet with support.

4.   It's all in the comfort

When choosing the right sneakers for Zumba, you ned to think about comfort. Its important to consider how fresh or how breathable the material is and how air will circulate through your shoes. Usually, for dancing, I recommend a shoe that doesn't feel heavy on your feet. This means, look for a shoe that is made of synthetic material with leather in supporting areas.  When thinking about the shoe you also want to think about the floor. ARe you dancing on a wood floor or on a carpet or outside? In addition, B=because some of the moves in Zumba classs may require staying on your toes, you need enough room for your toes to stretch out.  

I also like think of stability and this usually goes with a show that provides me with a wide sole. This helps me from rolling over, which I do all the time!

Some of my personal favorites:





Even though everyone has different requirements and features they look for in the best shoe for a Zumba class, I promise you will be more satisfied with what you buy if base your purchase on some of the features mentioned here.  This article on Zumba shoes for women also includes some of my favorites! 


Happy Shoe shopping! 


Download the ultimate  Zumba playlist! 

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Diana Zalaquett

Written by Diana Zalaquett

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