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Interested in Zumba and Circuit Strength Training?

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Diana Zalaquett

Interested in Zumba and Circuit Strength training

Zumba and Circuit Strength training?

Have you ever wondered if you can have fun while dancing, but also get some strength training at the same time? Well the answer is Yes!

You can reach fitness goals through fun with Zumba and circuit strength training. 

How It Works

According to WebMD, circuit strength training is a great way to get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles simultaneously.

This is an example of how I like to organize my class:

  • Move through 8-12 stations that will target different muscle groups
  • Each station will have 2 exercises, a high intensity one and a low intensity move
  • Each exercise will be repeated twice for 45 seconds each
  • Once you are done with station 1, you will move on to the next and so on
  • I like to switch up the sequence to keep things changing and challenging
  • I allow at least 45 -60 minutes for the workout

So how do we combine Zumba and Circuit Strength Training?

We have developed a new class in Boston's best Zumba and circuit strength training studio. 

Our classes will combine Zumba and circuit strength training using a circuit that follows 12 stations. We will use weights, rowers, bikes, ropes, kettlebells, slideboards, you name it! 

As a fitness fantatic and Zumba lover, I love to workout and just dance, but I know that I also need to incorporate some sort of strength training, so I decided to create a class that targets both components in one.

What will circuit strength training target?

Core: I try to incorporate a core exercise in every single exercise.  Most exercises should engage your core. You can pick an exercise such as, medicine ball sit downs or crazy ivans.  

Arms:  You can use dumbells or a body bar and even a bench or a step to execute push-ups or tricep dips, bicep curls, and more. For the cardio component, you can use the ropes and the punching bag which will also get your heart rate going. 

Legs:  With Zumba and circuit strength training your legs will always be engaged. Not only will you use your legs while you dance, but you will also use them doing things like squats, box jumps, deadlifts, and much more. 

Glutes: Yes. Your glutes will be on fire. During the dancing portion, you will be getting low into a squat position and you can also use things such as bands and weights for lunges. 

Back: Yes. Sometimes I like to incorporate a rowing machine that will provide for cardio and  add a bent over row using weights. We also use bands for pull downs. 

So how to we incporate Zumba into all of this?

  • Each station will incorporate 2 exercise for 20 seconds each 
  • Between each station, we will dance for 3-4 minutes and move onto the next station

Simple? Check. Fun? Check and Efficient? Check.

What to look for? 

  • A class that incorporate an effective warm up and cool down
  • A space that will allow enough space for a circuit strength training class and a zumba dance class all in one
  • A Fun and awesome way to sweat and get results!

Perfect For

Everybody and every body! Each Zumba CST® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on.


A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.


Are you ready to check it out?

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Diana Zalaquett

Written by Diana Zalaquett

Diana is a certified Zumba Instructor, an avid fitness enthusiast.