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4 Great Strength Training Exercises for Fat Loss

[fa icon="calendar"] May 28, 2016 8:15:23 AM / by Diana Zalaquett

Diana Zalaquett


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Strength training can be an effective way to produce fat loss when using big exercises. Putting them together in series can accomplish several things:

  • It increases Resting Metabolic Rate, which means greater calorie burn.
  • It signals the body to maintain and build lean muscle, which is a big driver of calorie burn and metabolism.
  • It produces a mild to moderate cardiovascular trainig effect by elevating heart rate becuse of the continuous movement.
  • It efficiently uses available training time to get the most done in the least amount of time.

For each weight exercise, use challenging weights.  For bodyweight exercises, use a challenging version (pushup with hands on a table vs.hands on the floor).  Work hard, but don't overdo it to ensure full recovery before your next workout.


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Diana Zalaquett

Written by Diana Zalaquett

Diana is a certified Zumba Instructor, an avid fitness enthusiast.